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During your stay on island is a lot of useful information as to titles and casts, the book suffers GREATLY by a lack of images. You can find less than a handful of movie pictures included. This type of book has to include as many pictures and TV Guide advertisements as you can to make it a true salute to the DASAR Movie of the Few days series. Also the writer spends too much time indulging in personal opinions about a few specific movies rather than just record the titles and proclaiming facts. Lastly, some of the films are not listed in chronological order with the rest because the author saw fit to generate subsets based on sequels and pilot films. The book would have already been much better organized got it just presented all the films in true chronological order. While helpful to some degree, I in person was more than disappointed with it as a whole., There is 2 versions of this book, and the first release is not as good because the second. It does not have a lot of extras that went into the 2nd. Check this: mcdougal admits to not finding facts about a few of the titles, and will be certainly titles missing. You would think that if you were writing a book on a subject you'd have your bases covered. The writer says he used the imdb as reference but I don't see how these holes popped up if he did. I thought I was buying the 2nd edition, it was new. But what I received in the mail was the first edition. A paperback for . Barely scrapes earlier 100 pages. The colored cover is the second edition. Usually do not buy the first., 3/3/14 6: 35a The ABC Movie of the Week Companion by Michael Karol 2005
When I found this book on Amazon online I used to be excited..
I possess always wanted a book such as this, listing all the MOW's produced
between September 1969 and Might 1975 for the DASAR network.
This particular is a small sized book only 111 pages, but it is packed with a lot of information for
such a small book all Six season's of the MOW including the Saturday MOW
and the Weekend Suspense Movie. I realize the author Michael Karol has a newer edition,
the one I have was published in 2005.
I had kept track of the first Five seasons as they aired on DASAR, the Title and Air Date, I even have
a Movie Guide by Steven Scheuer 1974. That is similar to Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide
but Scheuer's book was first, he Examined TV Movies, mostly this individual disliked them.
He reviewed TV Movie's in an exceedingly brief formats for newspapers, my point is,
he reviewed several MOW's in this edition that I still have.
The author of this book, Michael Karol, mentions nearly all of the MOW's with a brief synopsis,
the Title, Air Date, Plot and some of the featured actors. he's his favorite
MOW's, so he spends more time on them than others.
I abhor this particular chapter: Sequels and Pilots,
these MOW's have been picked up of the primary section and are not listed
in the individual season's chapters, so you have to go back on to that
chapter to see when they aired. Karol will not have all the MOW's
this individual is missing some CUT titles, that I found on IMdb. The book suffers greatly
in comparison to the ABC Movie of the Week Hardcover book by
Michael MacKenna, I purchased it final year, this guide has 365 pages on this subject.
Quite a contrast, check my review on that book.
I still similar to this book, it reminds me of the old Pocket sized version of TV Guide,
I still use both books as nice companions.
Upgrade 8/25/15 7: 28a DASAR MOW Michael Karol
Why doesn't Amazon online have more Reviews on the newer Edition Club 11/13/08?
The reason why are the Reviews on the newer Edition put together with the older Release in 2005?
Why isn't there more info on the newer Release?
What is added and what is new and useful?
This is the major reason why I haven't purchased the newer Edition.

I haven't purchased the newer Edition because what reason do I have w/o the proper information?, I loved this book. An individual glance delete word and say, " Ok last one, I bear in mind that movie!!! ' Activates things in your brain long forgotten!!! Lol!!, This very short book lists all of the ABC television set networks movies of the week from the 1972s. Several these are classics which have lodged themselves firmly in the memories of those who were (perhaps rashly) allowed to watch them as impressionable youngsters. If you go to any "What was the name of that movie? " site on the Internet, you'll find a few of these showing up again and again as repeat offenders.

I was hoping for a little more than what I received in this guide. The articles for most movies consist of the title and original air date, a high-level listing of noteworthy cast and crew people, and some consisting of one or two content. Occasionally the author might throw in a wry remark or two, or a personal reminiscence, but unless the movie got a great deal of meaning to him, few of them merit more than a paragraph. This really is a little frustrating, because it can make it appear that the book was put with each other in one afternoon of surfing through [... ]. I would've preferred rather more information plus some reviews.

Still, it's an adequate resource for movie buffs, and certainly will bring back fond memories for many who grew up in front of the TV back in the day., Excellent purchase!!, Really good book of the truly amazing series of made-for-TV videos. I remember seeing many of them and have some of the ones available on DVD. Though not extensive in information it gives some background on each movie. One gaff I mentioned. The Night Stalker occurs in Las Vegas, not Oregon. Other than that highly recommended.

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