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I love the 80/20 mindset. That will 80% of the results originates from 20% of the inputs. I read Rich Koch's 80/20 books and then Perry Marshalls 80/20 marketing. So I was so excited to read this book on applying the 80/20 principle to trading: That 80% of your portfolio returns are derived from twenty percent of the assets.

The book goes into both 80/20 investing and traditional professional investment manager buying detail. Stop doing the actual crowd does (handing their cash over to professionals at banks and mutual funds). And start following the guide of 80/20 investors such as George soros and Mayer Rothschild.

Summary of 80/20 investing method
- buy when the crowd hates the stock - when there is " blood vessels in the streets. Income are made when one buys.
- use dollar cost averaging buying to avoid having to time the bottom exactly
- hold your assets until the market in that stock is bullish again
- sell when the crowd loves the stock - when even the boot shine boy is giving you stock tips
- again use dollar cost averaging to market on the way up to the peak price
- say no to distracting investments or to companies that you may personally understand the business model of
- save up cash from your business or job for buying opportunities during a crash
- make few deals (maybe 1 per year) but think deeply about each one
- years of inactivity and then act decisively possibly an opportunity
- focus your assets into large positions

Doing this can create 10-20% returns per year. That won't make your dealer or investment advisor happy - they like the fees from rapid trading and back finish common fund kick backs. Nevertheless it will make you a happy investor and a peaceful one too., I've read Perry Marshall's 80/20 concepts on marketing and thought the 80/20 principle for investing is another great perspective to explore.
The book is written in a really engaging way and filled up with insightful advice on actionable steps you can take the nontraditional way as everyone is following.

You'll learn when to buy stock and gain profits when almost all refrains, you'll be able to understand how to invest money from buying profitable opportunities during downtimes, you'll find out perspective on what is opportunity and what is the invisible risk, you'll gain insights on how to profit your assets when the market is at your favor, and ways to better manage your money to increase profit.

The book is packed with lots of educational tips that will gain you important viewpoints to better manage your money. It's highly suggested for folks who want to a new new viewpoint on investing., I understand financing and economics, but We did not have much practical knowledge on how to manage my personal finances, specifically given the current financial conditions and my unique situations. This guide is an engaging and education read. It provides a lot of big insight on economics, investing, and personal financing. I like the initial, simple, and easy to understand guidance on investing for each day people. It's nice to read a book that is not just geared towards hedge funds, but every day people. I highly recommend grabbing this book!, David Schneider, a former hedge-fund manager, outlines a straightforward & effective approach to buying this book. I'm a beginner to investing myself (I've been focusing on growing my own, personal business instead) and found this book easy to follow. However, even advanced investors will find lots valuable.

The creator challenges conventional wisdom - unsurprisingly many of the so-called 'investment best practices' out there that your broker is attempting to sell you is in his best interest, not always yours.

A few of my biggest takeaways:
5. Cash is a position. Investing a huge % of your net worth in the market may be in your broker's best interest, not necessarily yours (depends on market conditions).
* Make few, well-researched trades.
5. " Buy when there's blood in the streets. "
5. Buying S&P 500 is not always the smartest choice.

Schneider practices what this individual preaches - he widely shares his recent deals on his website. For example, over the last few months he made considerable increases by buying Volkswagen and crude oil at their all-time lows.

These days feel ready to deploy profit a smart manner the next time I see a no-brainer opportunity. Highly recommended.

(To get the pig farmer reference you'll have to read the book: )), I was lucky enough to meet David in person. Within minutes, we were talking about the global financial situation and our own uncertain financial future. He told me some things that I won't expose here, since they connect in with his next book, but he definitely piqued my interest in no-nonsense financial planning.

Turns out, this book is a must-read if you are serious about his or her old age. Within this book, David lies out a plan for worry-free investment, based on the 80/20 Principle. This is a refreshing read and We have recommended the book to many friends., Outstanding book, but don't agree with everything specifically for those over 70-1/2 years of age taking IRS . GOV RMW from 401K with most in stocks. Greatest danger in crash where they would be taking obligations from an unmanaged bank account like TSP when reveal price is lower than safe equities funds. Requires manual man, As an entrepreneur - personal money management gets placed on the back many times as we put all our ovum in our venture. Moment is always the most treasured asset, and this book has maximized the time it took for me to get the gist on keeping my money in order!

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