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Ripped from the national information headlines, this could have been a simple, uncomplicated narrative of any heinous hate crime against a teenager who rejected binary thoughts of male and feminine. Sasha discovered as agender, went by the pronoun “they, ” and was set on fire for having the naivete (or audacity) to look like a child yet wear a blouse while riding a city bus through the roads of Oakland, California.

Yet rather than falling into exhausted old true-crime tropes, prime journalist Dashka Slater has constructed a deeper story that questions binary thoughts not only of sexual category, but of other widely resonant binaries as well – of victim and perpetrator, black and white, good and evil.

Slater spent three years researching this story. She pored over records. She have to know dozens of individuals who opened up and trusted her with their perspectives. Aiding her mission was the raw great the woman main characters. Sasha’s parents are models of empathy, empathy and open-mindedness. Richard, the teenager who arranged fire to Sasha’s blouse, is surely an otherwise sweet and well-meaning boy who increased up under conditions of extreme adversity. His mom, just 14 when Richard was born, is a loving and caring female who reaches out to Sasha’s family, tearfully embracing them and apologizing in the courtroom hallway.

Somewhat than choosing sides in this urban tragedy, Slater shows a deft capacity to explore and offer equivalent weight to disparate realities. Through her own disciplined modeling of empathetic balance, Slater masterfully challenges our notions of moral right and wrong. As we ride along with the woman on The 57 Bus, we in the end have no choice but to admit the enormous power of the social environment in shaping perspectives and behaviours that at first glance might appear freely chosen.

If there are bad guys in this narrative, they are the larger forces within these social structures: Prosecutors who - locked into a rigid system of winners and losers - blithely try juveniles in adult courts even when the victim’s family and organizations like the Transgender Regulation Center object. Hate offense laws that are unplaned in a racially biased manner. Social media trolls who rev up inter-group animosities. Hack defense attorneys who blunder along with little regard for their clients’ human sensibilities.

1 might not anticipate that a story about a gender-nonconforming teenager being arranged on fire would be uplifting. But by the time we shut the cover of The 57 Bus, we feel not just sadness but also a cautious optimism borne of witnessing the powerful human being connections that literally jumped from the ashes of tragedy., Non-fiction is not usually my thing, but this book is written in a way that held my attention for the entirely of it. I read it in the span of 2 times. Not only is the writing excellent, but I actually learned so much about gender identity and the court system. I was not previously familiar with this case but have been reading up on Sasha since I finished. It was great to place a face to the individual I actually read so much about. Their parents seem like wonderful people from the interviews I watched. I actually highly recommend this guide.

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