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We have owned 501 Spanish Verbs paper edition for years and found it very helpful. When it appeared as if it was formated for Kindle I purchased that you too. It's good but it has some flaws. The complete introductory grammar discussion is straightforward to read. The "501" verbs are easy to access and easy to learn.

But the other two indices have been a problem. In the paper book you are able to use the The english language Spanish verb index to look up English verbs, find the equivalent in Spanish and see where the conjugation is. Likewise you can use the 2, 200 verb index to look up Spanish verbs not included in the 501 for a short definition and the same 501 dictionary entry to help you conjugate it.

In the Kindle edition it's simple to use the Table of Contents to get to the first page of those indices. But to actually make use of them you would have to page through, page by page, until you found the word you want. Will be certainly no way to search for anything except the 501 verbs.

I got around this problem by creating a "Note" at the start of each letter in the 2 indices. When I want to look upward an English verb, We "View Notes & Marks" and can page through quickly to the right area.

What the book really needs is two more searchable "dictionaries". We hope that when it's actually developed the upgrade will be available to us, the pioneer users.

Take note: I've made my Notes public so you may be in a position to use them to accessibility these indices with having to enter them yourself., Super helpful reference book for any level of Spanish! This is my seventh year of study and I find this indispensable, as does my buddy, who is in his second year. This consists of all the tenses, forms, moods you'll ever need for darn near every verb, and for the verbs that aren't detailed, there's usually a reference to a similar verb (eg, obtener would direct to tener).

The included audio tracks CD is a nice touch... it's useful for review and for jogging your memory (helpful to listen to in the car while driving for an exam, for example) but not as helpful for learning a brand new form.

Suggestion: you may want to find a hardcover duplicate, because if you want to use this book for a while it gets tattered pretty quickly., I am married to a Latino that addresses Spanglish, so I thought I should learn Spanish myself. My spouse although speaks Spanish ALSO does not have how to properly conjugate and use the verbs. I purchased this book, in hopes that it would conjugate the verbs and clarify the tenses. This guide does EXACTLY that! Spanish language does not use the same concept as the English language where the person who is doing the action (verb) is discovered and then the verb follows. The Spanish language incorporates the verb with the person as ONE. Example: The english language - I close the door. Spanish- Cierro la puerta. This book conjugates the verb in ALL person(s) and breaks down the verb tense; past, present and future. You should see below for the what the book offers beginners and advanced loudspeakers of spanish:

Beginners- simple conjugation verbs (past, present and future), tests and drills to determine your abilities and failings, helpful sentences for tourists, how to properly use the verb in sentences, English translations and many more.

Advanced- grammatical phrases and usages, pronouns and other tense forms other than the simple basics, expressions and idioms understand and communicate better with Spanish speakers and many more useful tools.

This book is the ONE and everything book for SPANISH VERBS! A SHOULD HAVE to advance in learning Spanish!, Absolutely essential book for anyone critically studying the Spanish language. The pages, font, structure, color, and presentation, make the book incredibly clear and easy to read. It truly makes a difficult subject: the enormous amount of Spanish verb conjugations, into an enjoyable experience! Acquire this book., For an English speaker learning Spanish, this book is not only helpful, but VITAL. The very heart of the Spanish language is its very complex action-word structure. The intricate interaction between pronouns and the verbs form the very powerful & linguistically elegant core around that this sleep of the language gloves itself. The rest is window dressing. Tackle the verbs and the pronouns, and you are basically home free. English verbs are far less organised, far less precise, and almost never mastered by The english language speakers. In Spanish, the SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD is a VITAL element that can be used extensively. It's practically impossible to utter three phrases without making use of it. And, yet, in English, the subjunctive is practically deceased. Spanish loudspeakers KNOW their verbs. They will have to. And you also must too, if you are going to master Spanish. And this book is the best road map towards mastery of Spanish verbs., I think this book and accompanying CD is an essential tool for anyone learning Spanish. The 501 words included are necessary verbs for studying the language. The book is simple to use and gives all the forms of the verbs. We have found it more than useful in my own studies., This e book, the electronic version of one of the most useful learning resources for a student of Spanish, is essentially a imitation of its print version. Its main advantage is its portability; yet , the print version (which Also i have) is a bit easier to use.
The authors have done a great job of choosing a selection of verbs that covers a sizable percentage of words encountered by beginning and intermediate students. The verbs listed are conjugated in every person, quantity, and tense; for the most important ones, many examples of usage, both literal and idiomatic, get. Other important verbs not included because of lack of space are related to specific included verbs that function as models for the conjugation.
The introductory materials contains a concise but complete synopsis of Spanish grammar. 501 Spanish verbs is a very valuable, almost essential, resource for the serious student of the language.

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