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I recently took the revised GRE and scored in the 85th percentile on the verbal section (much to my surprise I might add). I used both the Manhattans 500 Essential Terms Flash Cards  500 Essential Words: GRE Language Flash Cards   as well as the Manhattan 500 Advanced Terms Flash Cards  500 Advanced Words: GRE Language Flash Cards . Following so that it is through both of these sets of flash cards, I actually felt like I had a reasonably good vocabulary for the GRE and did see many of these words on test. [By the way, if these cards are sold-out on Amazon, just call Manhattan and buy them on the phone, that's what I did. I may know why they may have issues stocking these on Amazon]

With this observed, if you do have additional time after completing these two sets of flash cards, I **HIGHLY RECOMMEND** that you learn the 300 or so most common root words for the GRE as well. Root words are incredibly helpful in deciphering words that you don't know that can come up on the GRE. I discovered Barron's Essential Words for the GRE book  Essential Words for the GRE (Barron's GRE)   to be a good source for this, although I'm sure you can find these same root words in the Kaplan or related books as well. And while three hundred root words seems like a lot of words to learn, you will probably know some/many of these words already, so fear not! There doesn't appear to be a good arranged of root word adobe flash cards out there, and so i ended up making my own, which was fine. One last be aware of learning root words: they will also help to strengthen and reinforce the vocab words you know or are learning from both sets of the Manhattan cards. Learn your root words!

If you need help with reading understanding and verbal practice problems, I used several different books. Here is my preferred set of books, in order:

Kaplan New GRE Verbal Workbook
New GRE Spoken Workbook (Kaplan GRE)
While I usually don't like Kaplan as a company (and I actually have not used any of their other books), I *would* suggest using their verbal workbook as there appears to be a good amount of practice problems and they appear similar to what you might see on the GRE.

Second of all, I did use the Barron's GRE Verbal Workbook  Barron's GRE Verbal Workbook   and while I found it useful for it's large amount of practice problems, I actually found some of the vocab words used as answers were less common that what I noticed either on the GRE or on other practice problems and practice checks. With this noted, I still recommend using this publication.

Finally, I did use Manhattan's Reading Comprehension and Essay GRE Strategy Book as well.   Reading through Comprehension & Essays GRE Strategy Guide, 3rd Edition (Manhattan Prep Strategy Guides) . The best thing I got from this book is learning how to take brief notes while reading over the reading paragraphs on the GRE. Using notes helps to reinforce what you are reading, a approach not discussed very often by other books. Typically the practice problems in this book are decent, but nothing above that. I do wish they might have put more practice problems in this book (like the Kaplan Verbal Workbook), but there is still useful content here. If you are struggling with the analytical writing section, there are some good tips on this section as well.

One final note about both practicing your verbal, but also your math/quantitative: do as many practice checks as you can!!! Whenever you purchase a publication (any book I believe) from Manhattan, you get an access code to 6 full length online practice tests. I discovered these practice tests SUPER HELPFUL for getting comfortable with the GRE format but also applying all of the verbal and mathematics skills I was exercising. Most of the questions are incredibly similar in difficulty to what you will see and you will review your questions as well. By the way, always review problems you get wrong, this is very important! For Kaplan, you have to acquire the Kaplan Premiere GRE review publication to get the disk with access to 10 verbal practice tests and 10 quantitative practice checks. Such as the Manhattan, I found these practice tests VERY VERY useful. Do yourself a favor, and get entry to both the Manhattan and the Kaplan practice tests It helps immensely!, These types of are by far the most effective way for me to learn new vocabulary. I appeared at a myriad of different GRE vocab media, including adobe flash card and activity programs, website vocab learning quizzes, and different books which took an incredible variety of approaches, including dictionary-like, thesaurus-like, grouping words by category, and activities getting you to definitely absorb the meaning from context clues. Inside the end, I got this and the 500 Advanced Words sets because they had everything the publications had in an easy-to-sort format. First thing I did was start yanking away chunks of cards and separating them into three categories: Known, Review, and Study. The Known heap includes cards I may have to look at again, but serve as a reminder of how much I already know! The Review pile includes cards that had a definition or partial definition I wasn't familiar with, but, for the most part, I knew the word. Typically the Study pile was the scary pile of words I didn't know.

As soon as I acquired over my worry of how big the Examine pile, I started tugging them out of the pile in groups, reviewing them from the front side and your back, and taking advantage of their reminders, helpful hints, synonyms, and root words (all listed quickly on the back). Whenever I hit a mentality in my focus, I actually began turning the playing cards into crossword puzzles using online crossword puzzle generator. As soon as I started being able to check in with my improvement, which the cards make uniquely possible (i. at the., my new fourth heap, " Learned" was getting bigger and bigger and eventually was bigger than the " Study" pile), I actually felt even more motivated to tackle more of them.

Someone told me before I started that you can't really learn vocabulary for the GRE. You either know it or you don't. Yeah, I'm here to tell you that's 100% incorrect. Constantly consider how many new words I've learned! And I've got these cards to thank for it. I actually definitely recommend making the piles I talked about if you often get discouraged or anxious... it's a frequent visual tip of exactly where you are and how significantly you've come. (It really does take a while to separate your lives them, but it's worthwhile. )

In short, I actually suggest getting these and the 500 Advanced Terms sets in printed (vs. digital) format to enable you to sort them. The cards are high quality with great example sentences, comparisons, synonyms, roots, and even silly hints that will help you remember complicated words. Separate out the words you know (go you! ), then learn the ones you don't!

Examine on! We can do it!, I'm an overprepper, but hey, I used this and the " 500 advanced words" flashcards and got a perfect score on the GRE verbal. I'd say it was worth it; ), I've bought these playing cards early this week with a hope that it would help my little vocabulary. I used to be trying to use some other publications before however I was struggling to absorb words as quickly by books as I am able to do it with these playing cards. I still have a long way to go. However I would highly recommend these cards.

These types of cards come in a box with a metallic ring so that you could put those playing cards in the ring. Typically the only suggestion, I would like to give to seller, is to provide at least 5 rings to keep 100 cards each. I am just done with 60 words and that metal ring almost certainly hold another 40 before it becomes too packed to see., As everyone has already stated these cards are great for studying (vocabulary, content-wise). The quality seems very durable, however, the ring is very small and does not fit as many cards ?nternet site would desire. Also it appears like the hole-punch area of the card will rip overtime if you are using the ring too much.

A MAJOR problem is the fact that cards #1-50 were duplicated! (Someone else mentioned this issue! ) So you are not really getting 500 cards, more like 450. #1-50 are A-letter words. Then there is another set of these playing cards labeled #1-50 again. Then it jumps to #101 for C-letter words. Presently there are NO B-letter playing cards which is honestly irritating. Luckily the cards are meant to be effectively numbered and so i noticed this immediately. If this is the case contact for a refund and get a new deck because it does not appear to be something everyone is complaining about.... just the lucky few.

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