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I had formed heard a lot of folks rave about this publication before I finally chosen it up and decided to read it for myself. I'm glad that I read it, but I don't think it was quite as life-changing for me as it was for some of my friends. Don't get me wrong, Ferriss makes some excellent points and he's got some really great guidelines in here, I'm just not sure how universal they really are.

First of all, when I picked up the book, I didn't expect that he was literally working only four hours a week. I thought he was just talking about ways to spend less time working, but that " The 4-Hour" just sounded good (since he now has a whole brand of books with titles that start that way). No. Turns out he really only worked four several hours each week for a few years. I hate your pet. Now, with his series of books and everything, that's not true so much, so I dislike him less. Now his job is much more similar to what I actually want to do.

As I said, Ferriss has its own great ways of eliminating clutter and busywork, including things don't even think of as busywork. I've already started implementing some of these tips at work, and they've come in pretty helpful up to now. I keep meaning to remove a bunch of my physical clutter, but my laziness keeps getting in the way of that. I'll get around to it in the next few weeks.

I additionally appreciated his philosophy of taking mini-retirements throughout life, instead than one long retirement at the finish of life. I did not understand the point of retirement, so Ferriss's plan sounds much more appealing to me. As he put it, retirement should be nothing more than a fail-safe just in case something happens and you are physically (or mentally) incapable of working. My thoughts exactly.

My main problem with his philosophy is that it really only works if you have a product that you are not actually making, but that you can sell. Regarding example, even basically were to quit my position and write all day every day, I might still be working a great deal. Granted, that would make my job a complete lot more portable, but I really could never get away with only working four hours per week (at the very least not until after I sell that bestselling story, which is such a realistic plan! ) Inside order to do it his way, I would must have something that is already produced, or that someone else is making (clothes, dietary supplement, etc . ) where all Need to do is acquire the money that comes in from those sales.

Of course, that's a lot harder than it sounds. Their ways of eliminating the useless from his life are really quite impressive, and not to be underestimated, but I still question if someone in their twenties, who is definitely starting out in life, can really make his plan work? A number of his success stories include people discussing working remotely, because they have built up value in their company. Somebody who has only already been working at their current job for a year or two don't have the sort of leverage necessary to do this.

Additionally, he talks about the key to getting out of your job which means you can go have that great once-in-a-lifetime adventure. This individual mentions considering the worst-case scenario and the fact that worst-case is not necessarily all that bad. A single of his points he brings up is the fact, if he loses his job, he can get another fairly easily. Well, ideal for him, but the original book was written before the employment market collapsed, adopted by this lovely " jobless recovery". I had been just lately unemployed for eight a few months and it was not fun. I, too, thought I really could get another job within a few months, but that failed to turn out to be the circumstance. So, basically go spend all my money on a mini-retirement now, and then come back only to find that I cannot get a job for another year, I'll be screwed. Yes, even that worst-case scenario isn't that bad. I could always move back in with my parents, but I'd really rather not. I love them, nonetheless they have enough to deal with right now, and the previous thing I want to do is burden the people around me because I decided to visit globe-trotting for a few a few months. Timothy Ferriss told me personally it would be fine!, I love tim ferriss and there are some great principles in here.
Fantastic ideas on what to do when you already have your product.
Ideas on what to do when you actually start making money.
Concepts are dated and companies that he describes change frequently.
A small percentage information on how to get the ball moving if you have an creation just what to do when you need to outsource., I read " rich dad poor dad" right before this book so I was already in the right mind set of working towards financial freedom. This book is geared more towards action and putting its theories into play in real life. I recommend this publication to all my buddies constantly, it goes beyond just concepts and it actually gives you the floor work to get started. This is one of those books that will go beyond teaching you something, it will teach you how to implement what it is teaching you as well! Loved it!!! -chad briggs, Awesome read. Liked it very much. Very practical and insightful., This really is one of those books that will be in the annually read list... it is a modern day classic.., One of my personal favorite books!, This publication has already made a difference in my like., good read

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