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This is actually the very first book I actually have ever read from the author and possesses already been immensely helpful to me personally in putting " a" perspective on my life. The best part of the publication for me was that within the first 50 webpages, Dr Covey organized the " See-Do-Get" framework in a very concise manner. I was going through a personal turmoil and desperately looking for knowledge helped in grasping the essence (at least that's what I think) of the book quickly.

The anatomy of " synergy" as suggested by Doctor. Covey, lies in the true and meaningful understanding of self, others and then using those ideas to reach out and co-create what might not exactly have been possible before. Conflict is inevitable. It is not something that we can escape from. And as much as we can claim that distinctions are to be famous, Dr. Covey provides a very clear analysis that distinctions can be famous only when we take the time and effort to truly and deeply understand one another. He goes further to outline a prescription how to reach out there to the other produce possibilities, effectively giving the term " brainstorming" a new description.

I found a great deal of similarity in the core concepts with those presented in the publication " Debunking the Command Myth: The Story of Conscious Leadership". In both books, what comes across as a recommendation is NOT to start with the actions but our drivers - our belief systems, our attitudes, our very sense of being. It is merely when we see yourself deeply, candidly and acknowledge ourselves fully that we can do the same for others. And those insights are the right foundations for subsequent actions which in turn, lead to meaningful outcomes/results.

Following laying out the conceptual framework, Dr. Covey narrates multiple applications of the same extending both the theory for specific situations (dealings with business co-workers, dealings with children, spouse, relatives etc) and substantiating the situation specific circumstance with anecdotes. While one can possibly question the anecdotes, the simplicity and the benefit of the synergy framework is undoubted. If I can summarize - the publication offers a fairly potent tool in one's journey of mindfulness., Anyone familiar with The 7 Habit of Highly Effective People is familiar with each of the habits. Even though the publication and its related courses and workshops go into detail on all of the habits, the 6th Habit in particular, "Synergize", is one that is in essense its own topic. This book adds level to that particular routine since it really is the culmination of the basis laid by the rest of the practices. I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone that has read the seven Habits and/or taken the workshops. I do add one caveat in this if most likely not familiar with the 7 Habits, don't start with this book. Read that one first, otherwise the concepts in this book would be very difficult to follow all the way through., The approach to this book was very well developed i believe. Providing examples and deeper insight of practices 4, 5, & 6 within the main contexts of our a lot more very valuable to me.

As someone who regularly returns to Covey's materials, and works diligently to apply them around me... This book has been very useful in my journey.

Rest in serenity Dr. Stephen Covey. You were one our best teachers. Blessings to your family, and may your heritage go on through each of us., Communication is one of the main areas of our life and often finishes horribly wrong in the main moments. When two opposing views come together, using the technique suggested by The 3rd Alternative, some of the most amazing solutions can come about rather than the typical " two sides angry at each other. " This book shows you how to be more effective and get better remedies that will make both sides happy, rather than a compromise where everyone loses something, in all various aspects of our lives., Awesome publication about reaching excellence in leadership and inspiring others to achieve the same: Very principled, even godly! If everyone lived accordingly this would be a very happy globe.... I actually went through this several times., If we applied the 3rd alternative we will have better days, better lives and a better world. This book is simple but enlightening and will inspire you to definitely see the best of you and others. It will be difficult to read it and don't do anything, you will be touched., This is a great problem solving tool and would be a valuable asset to anyone. The timeless principles outlined are like a compass that shows a better way. If you are in management you should also try to read the Eigth Habit and watch the short movies that come with the publication. Congratulations to AB Coombes Elementary for taking the principals extolled by Mister. Covey and instilling them in the minds of the young ones, this is absolutely inspiring and shows there are answers to the education crisis the USA is facing., Sophie Covey was one of the very most substantial thought-leaders in my lifetime. The guidance obtained in the seven practices and principle centered command have had a great effect in the life professionally and personally. In working with leading businesses today, I actually see the need for more exposure to his guidance and this book is another example of his sharing these timeless basics.

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