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This specific 30 Days of Night time one-off on the Asian Front is a Bill Templesmith solo arc, and probably my favorite thirty Days of Night tales so far. Unlike a number of the Steven Niles arcs, Templesmith does not try to fit multiple figure development and interactions into a fairly short-run story, thus under-developing a number of the character development changes. Instead, Templesmith puts into the context of war and let's the history do the backstory for people. We aren't given elaborate information into any of the characters, only a picture of the situation on the Eastern Front with ultra-violent vampires attacking in the bitter cold. The fight for survival in this one night stands only, and everything the characters are truly at risk given the later of overall plot necessity for anyone to survive. This distills the virtues of of 30 Days of Night time without some of the problems I have come to link with the comic., First off let me declare since Bill Templesmith is the original illustrator it's wonderful that he got a photo at a story of his own. If you have read Singularity 7 or Wormwood(one of my favourites), you will enjoy the dark grittiness and the complete lack of regard towards the key characters well being. Since such it seemed to be nice to see that misfortune comes back in full force, you WILL feel sorry for the poor young Russian boy. I'm never going to divulge the name of all the characters because I think you should get to know them on your own. o. k. Then here we go.

The particular Story. In a step back from 30 days of nights normal time story this takes place during WWII in 1941. Hitler ordered a sizable squadron of soldiers to try and break into Northern Russia by means of Finland. Some get through but since a hole the objective fails miserably, and the remaining Germans, with a horribly masochistic leader, in the storyplot are a result of this. As the remaining Germans are doing all they can eradicate any Russians they find the Russians are trying to make it through the cold, warfare, and starvation. You meet a peasant family who have blockaded themselves into a barn who have lots of food and subway tunnels. The is a brigade of Russian troops with a lone British soldier who speaks Ruskies and German. These are the key Humans in thr story. Then comes the blood thirsty undead directed by an extremely creepy little girl and the woman much older male companion. Other vampire are fairly much just fodder.

The particular art. Considering that the story takes place in the winter of northern Russia during the many months of perpetual night there is a lot of snow( freaking duh) and things in the distance are blurred, such as it is during the evening. There is certainly plenty of blood vessels and guts and the facial expressions on the characters give you sense of terror. As always I have found Bill Templesmiths artwork unique, and in a world dominated by big breasted anime characters( although nothing wrong with that), super shinny very heroes and horrible snobbish abstract artists, it's nice to see something a little different. His artwork is not by any means fairly but that is what trapped my eye to begin with. It's a blend of computer developed colours, and after reading a new interview, coated. The colours in all of Ben's art are from a a collection of pictures he has taken for almost 10 years which he then chemicals, and traditional outlining. If you ending up liking his art from this i suggest you choose up Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse and Fell which is written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Bill Templesmith.

If i would definitely complain about anything i might have to the length is short. Seeing as i grew up with the Group of Extraordinary Gentlemen We got used to the length of that. It's also a good thing because it doesn't overstay its delightful. It gets what needs to be done done and it does it well. Overall this is a great addition to the 1 month of night series and am hope that this individual continues to add his talents to it., Story kind of fuzzy so far as the undeads. And being based in WW2 lots of Nazis and ruskis to and fro.. Ben T's artwork continues to be the best tho.., This comic was nice but it ended too soon. However, you would expect that from a comedian. Would recommend this to any fan of the motion picture or some real vampire action., World War II, Russian Front. With all the opponent of the Iron Will in full retreat and soldiers finding themselves both tired and hungry and starved for provisions, might make both sides overlook their climactic ending? Victory - maybe. Too much Vodka - it would have to be some great vodka. Vampires - hmmm, that might do it.

When I picked up the first Red Compacted snow, I needed to keep reading and recognize how the world would ending for the people involved. As visitors catching a glimpse of warring factions you see (1) people trying to survive both the terror of the Germans and the fear inspired by famished forces pushed by the bayonet tips of Stalin's rifles, (2) German troops finding themselves trapped in a desert of snowfall and wondering the way they will make it out in existence, (3) Russian soldiers that are hungry and cool and continuous fear that Stalin will find something flawed in their activities, (4) and the opponent that no one expects. This is the enemy that no one expects that makes the storyplot both interesting and odd, too, with fangs finding fields no lengthier rich and folks encountering disturbing dreams that work good beyond sharpened metal and rapid-fire projectiles.
Thinking how terrible that could be; finding yourself on the Russian entrance and trying to survive only to learn that the things of legend is not the stuff of tale. It is the things of "right next door. "

For everyone that loves a different method to vampires, this is a great story with a great deal to offer. Excellent variety of characters, monsters both inhumane and inhuman all thrown together, and a fight for survival that really doesn't come with a guaranteed get-out-of-jail-free card. We found myself really drawn to that and the way it was presented, with the coloration showing how bleak the situation could possibly be and the shadows showcasing exactly how deep that place beyond eyesight goes.
This is a stand-alone story, too, and does not require any background in the 30 Days of Night world. Perhaps this is a good thing for some individuals that want a good story , nor want the commitment of obtaining to keep upward with an ongoing battle, too, or perhaps something that thirty days of Night enthusiasts will relish.
We highly recommend this as both a read and read again., Well done. I'm a background buff. If you like the dark side of WWII you will enjoy this story. I used to be very entertained and We seldom read comics., Opposite to title above, it is a good read, pretty short, great pictures, and writeing. A must have for 30 times of nights fans.

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