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Dorrie Niles and Ben Templesmith return to there goule comic, moving action mostly to LA. Templesmith's art is clearer here and his expressionistic art remains, but the character designs are more steady and clearer. The backgrounds are often over textured, but it will add to the feel of the comic. Niles' writing here is very mixed: one hand the characters and motivations appear much clearer than in the first story and the tales twists don't seem to be as rushed, but on the other, this is nowhere near as " innovative" in the vampire type as people thing. Actually elements of it can remind one of certain 90s gothic roleplaying games and parts of Anne Rice novels, but with less sexy and more animalistic rage. Stella Olemaun is believable character and feels more developed than the lady was in the first book plus some loose posts that were under-explored in the first book are finally fleshed out. Having said that, this book also does not have the focus and, as in the first book, some of the " mysterious" antagonists feel underdeveloped more than occulted. Olemaun as well as of the other protagonists are more subtly drawn with more complicated motives, but the vampires feels just like hallow. The hints at humanity left in some of the ghosts is not particularly original, but does increase more depth.

This reads very quickly and is enjoyable, but it is not as ground-breaking as often colored. In short, Niles' figure development boosts but pacing still is kind of a problem. He sometimes seems to need to do too much in six issues or less. Templesmith's atmospheres are wondering and his character design is increased, but sometimes the over texturing doesn't invariably add something. It's worth the read, particularly if one is a fan of Niles or 30 Days of Night., The 30 Days of Night graphic novel series is absolutely worth the time to read. The plot is great and the artwork is amazing. We would definitely recommend this course to anyone who enjoys horror and collecting odd books like this. The really fair warning though, the binding in it can be a little if-y so be careful when managing them because when you open them, pages may fall out. Excellent few of volumes that pages fell out of when I first read them so I have just been really careful at making sure the pages at least stay in the book and don't disappear someplace until I can fix them., Following the film adaptation of 1 month of Night received only so-so reviews, instead of awaiting the movie on DVD, I decided to have a look at the original comics/graphic works of fiction created by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith.

Oddly enough, 30 days was initially fielded unsuccessfully to companies as a screenplay before Niles hooked up with Templesmith to produce the amusing. Once the comic emerged out, even studios that had initially rejected film production company pitch were knocking over the 30 Days creators' entry doors to get the motion picture rights (according to a 10/18/2007 IGN. com article).

Anyway, after i looked up 30 Days at Amazon . com, I found that more than just one version existed. There is the original  30 Days and nights of Night ; there is #2 called Darker Days; and there is #3 called  Come back to Barrow . There are even more in the series too, however the above three complete the trilogy created by the original partnership of Niles & Templesmith.

The first is the story of vampires that invade a tiny town (called Barrow in Alaska) at dusk on the first evening of 30 days before the sun will rise again. The second story is one of revenge; a survivor of the initial story hunts and seeks to uncover the existence of ghosts; and the 3rd story has the brother of a victim from the first story returning to Barrow to discover and uncover the awful truth of what initially happened in the city.

The first thirty Days story is what the movie was based on. From the fast read that took about an hours to get through. As an effect, the way the vampire's lines are written in the textual content bubbles is crooked, thin-fonted and sloppy; I suppose this was to attempting to illustrate the sound of the vampire's voice, but it mostly made for some hard to read, headache inducing textual content bubbles.

Dark Days and Return were good, but not great like the first. But it was an overall fun series. I'll probably pick up the November 2007 release of  30 Days Of Night: Eben And Stella   that accumulates and fills an interesting distance between Dark Days and Return to Barrow. Niles is back for Eben and Stella, but Templesmith is out.

When it comes to movie  30 Days of Night , I'll make sure that out there too after it is about out there on DVD and let you if it really 'bites' like others have said it does.

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