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The daughter is a young aspiring actress and I have purchased multiple books from the Hollywood tips series by Chambers Dahon. When we first started out to persue her dreams, I was extremely overcome and finding good monologues/comercials on her was beyond difficult. I used to be new to the whole scene and had no clue about anything. Chambers' books proved to be extremely useful. They provided a number of good material for my daughter to use and practice. They also provided me with great information on the entire "show business" scene. In addition to the best benefit of it all is that Sections knows what he is talking about, knows what those in the field are searching for, and has the experience to back it all up. I suggest this series for anyone working with young aspiring actors as it helped my daughter sign with a hollywood agency., The son and I love the Hollywood 101 series! Not merely are these books filled up with terrific scenes for kids to learn and sharpen the craft of performing, additionally they include a lot of practical information for parents, too. For instance, I used to always explain to my son to go practice in the mirror--I know now that this was the wrong advice. Purchase the Ultimate Commercial Book to learn why. But what I like most about the Hollywood 101 books is how thoroughly encouraging they are. In a business filled with rejection, and often dejection, Chambers Stevens is positively optimistic--yet realistic, too. He calls for work, solicits confidence, and makes it all fun in the process. After all, what's more fun for kids than acting out!, I found this book to be tremendously helpful when I got my daughter to a talent search within the summer season. The commercial she performed was not only age group appropriate, but witty and clever. I found that many of the children who performed commercials and monologues all used books written by Chambers. His books are not only great sources of information on commercials and monologues, however they are great sources of information for parents attempting to get their children to the industry. If anyone is considering having their children in any form of acting, these books are a must have!

Salina Hogue, Reading this book has greatly improved my auditioning skills. Following working some of the commercials from this book, I used to be able to book a national public service announcement! I had formed the possibility to train in person with Sections Stevens and believe he or she is an acting guru. This book includes all the secrets on how to land commercial jobs and it has worked wonders for my career. I would highly recommend this guide to any aspiring actor who wishes to master the art of performing a commercial., 24-Carat Advertisements for Kids: Everything Children Need to find out to Break into Commercials (Hollywood 101)
It is a must read book if you need to do advertisements. Chambers Stevens taught my daughter the difference between acting for a commercial and acting for TV SET. Thanks Chambers Stevens for giving my daughter the knowledge to make her dreams come true., Whenever my son started performing he was nervous going to an audition.

The good thing about this book is mcdougal shows you what happens at an audition.

He takes you through the procedure step by step.

The author's style of writing is very humorous. My son and I were laughing and then when he got his first audition we found it happening much like in the book., I bought this for my boy, as well as the scene book for kids, and he hasn't force them down! They're a really good source of kids who are considering acting. I've also noticed that his memorization skills have increased since I got your pet these books. If you have a child considering acting, I highly recommend both books., I met Chambers in Hollywood previous winter and my mommy bought me his books. I used commercials from this book to get me a great real estate agent! Chambers is also the best acting coach on the planet and a really cool and funny dude! His books rock! His books help you get an agent and a job. GP

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