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Plus writing for a residing for more than 40 years and nearly all of those years I have bought a copy of Writer's Market. There have been years when I didn't mainly because I had so much work that 12 months that I simply did not need to find new customers--I'm very grateful for those years that are not as common as I need. Some years it's a find it difficult to find work and, in particular, to find well-paying work with new clients. During those years I use the WM a lot and I always seem to come up with one or two new ideas and sometimes a new client.

But I still have ambivalent feelings about the value of this book. There are numerous reasons that this book is not the nirvana which you might think it would be. I mean, with thousands and thousands of market segments listed, you'd think that any professional writer, or even any beginning writer, would be able to find new clients. But which a deceptive point of view, trust me. Very first of all, I possess discovered after all these years that you have to be as selective about the people you write for as the people you choose as friends--maybe more so, because you depend on those clients paying your bills and keep your lifetime moving forward.

So the first thing I really do when I sit down with WM is cross out (in red ink) any mags or publishers that I would simply never work for. For example, a lot of magazine publishers list their per-word rates. Here's a tip if you're fresh to writing: if you are depending on earning a living from your writing, don't go bottom feeding in these listings. If you are good enough to get an assignment from a low-level magazine, you are probably good enough to work for a top-shelf magazine. Why waste your time working for a couple of pennies a word: don't do it. The very first travel magazine I ever approached, when I was relatively new to writing was Travel & Leisure--a major magazine. I not only got my first assignment from them, in the first year I got three or four. So I cross out there all of the mags and other clients that pay less than I think I'm worth (which is a term minimum, by the way). Would I benefit less if I was just starting out? Yes, for a limited period of time, I would. Nevertheless I would not work for 2 cents a word, get real. I'd instead take bottles back to the grocery store and get a nickel a bottle. Cross them out.

Second of all, a lot of mags say that they " pay on publication. " Don't even think about writing for them. Merely don't do it. Your kids need food when they need food--and you have to pay for it when you leave the store, not when they eat the almond butter. Does your gas station let you pay them once you have used upward the gas they provided you? I have been royally screwed by " payment on publication" mags who, once they assigned a story, held it for a year, or two years, or forever--and never paid me a dime. Cross them out.

Furthermore, the book publishing results are often old, out there of date and written by somebody who doesn't want you to write for them. Cross them out there. Today you can do far better with a story, for example, by personal publishing it on Amazon . com. I have written more than 20 books and on average my royalty on a guide is about a money. In case you self pub a book on Amazon, you get a 70% royalty (go research it, most likely already here on Amazon). Cross out the out-of-date listings.

Now, in between these awful listings, if you know what to watch out for (high rates, payment on popularity, current listings) you can indeed find some good tips and good new clients. But it takes work and a lot of time alone with this book in your lap. Take it to outdoor, take it to the park, and spend time with that red pencil. Circle the good results in green. Let's face it, if you sell one good article you will get back 20x the price of the guide. That's a good deal, yes?

I assume what I am saying is book can be useful, even profitable, but you must be realistic and you must know how to use it. And stay away from those awful " payment on publication" magazines. Avoid give them your blood vessels, sweat and tears. This can be a business, treat it like one. It took me personally 40 years to learn that. I honestly think that the publishers with this guide owe it with their readers to start out shrinking this guide down and getting rid of the crap listings. Furthermore, check out Jeff Herman's twelve-monthly book--it's far better for book writers., Since ever, the twelve-monthly Writer's Market is a must have for almost any writer! This has the most current markets, editors and deal with info as well as tips about how each editor wishes to be contacted and addressed, etc. Fantastic book whether you are trying to market your best piece or looking for the agent or selling your tenth book!, Arrived promptly, average priced and is the same as earlier publications by the same publishers. Same formatting and same tiny print and struggling indexing. But , considering the quantity of info, as well as its price, it's better than the price justifies., I do a little bit of self-employed writing and was told that the Writer's Industry guides were the be all, conclusion all of what I'd need to start pitching to editors. What I've found was that nearly all of the info in the Writer's Market guide can be found online for FREE with a little bit of digging. With that being said, my copy of the guide is already dog earred from looking through and marking editors that Let me pitch.

The plus
All articles are very well categorized along with whom you should be pitching and how they like to be frequency.
The without
All of the same information can be found online with a little digging.

Inside today's world of online, I really do think that the web version of the guide would have been a bit more practical for me personally, as they update it continuously., This is essential for any writer, even though you have your own agent. Most agents don't deal with short pieces, so this is helpful in getting those pieces published on your own. Easy to use. I will suggest you still look the company upward online to be sure you're sending your material to the right person. Editors move around a lot, and appreciate when you've done your homework and send your stuff addressed to the RIGHT person. Offers you one step up on your competition, too., Since every writer knows, this is one of the premier sources to find new and unique market segments to create your works, but the hard form version is huge and heavy. I bought the Kindle digital edition this coming year, and it provides well. The guide is arranged therefore you can certainly find the proper market for your work: Literary Agents; Book Publishers; Consumer Magazines, Trade Journals and Contests/Awards sub-divided by niche or focus. There are also included articles that provide industry tips and advice at every step of the publishing process: question letters, finding an agent, doing well in magazines, earning a living blogging, and much more.

I tried looking the complete digital edition using a couple of key words without the success, but later found those keywords used in various sections. Since I'm used to making information in the margins of the traditional publication, the digital edition took just a little getting used to as far as bookmarks and notes. If you're confident with digital editions and ereading gadgets, you should have no problem. Once you find the info you want and consider contacting them or submitting, it's a good idea to go to the Web site (if one is listed) and double-check the submission guidelines/deadlines and addresses. Writer's Industry does a good job updating, but things change so fast in this business it could be different by the time you are ready to use it. Furthermore, watch for duplicate articles. For example , submissions for a poetry prize may be listed both by the prize name and the journal/publication name and/or the publisher.

Overall, I would recommend this. You will get all the information you need without the heft of the hard-copy.

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