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General this is a complete and balanced history of the events leading up to the 1948 Arab-Israel War, and the war itself. It's the most complete single-volume history of that war that There is.

Although some claim that Morris labels an apologist for the Arabs and that he is " anti-Israel", I find Morris's writing to be objective and, if anything, pro-Israel. His description of the killings at Deir Yassin is " strictly the facts" as this individual has uncovered them and doesn't come across as a criticism of the Israeli troops or commanders involved. Also he describes the few forced expulsions of Arabs by Israeli troops neutrally, and he seems to think these were an regrettable but understandable reaction to Arab actions and also required for a majority-Jewish Express of Israel., I can not write about this as a drawing tool. I used my Area Pro 4 for artwork and drawing. However, as a researcher and writer I keep all my notes electronically. I used penultimate software with "mind keep" to maintain each note. It does a good but not excellent job as a writing tool. But considering the other products on the market I think about this one of the better ones., I just finished this book, and located it to be a persuasive, balanced look at the events leading upwards to the founding of the State of His home country of israel, and the war of 1948 that followed Israel's declaration of independence. Morris pulled no punches in regards to the atrocities and killings committed by both sides. There have been numerous players and interests on both the Arab and Jewish sides, and Morris did well to give the reader a feel for the complicated political, religious, and nationalistic problems that both sides faced. He also dealt at length with the issue that Jewish leadership experienced to face regarding their Arab and Christian friends and neighbors - leave them as neighbors or drive them out? Morris presented the issue with sensitivity. He or she described how at first the Jews wanted serenity with their neighbors and wanted them to stay, but since the violence and war escalated, it became more difficult to leave potential enemies in places where they could (and often did) cut off roads and supplies, or attack Jewish settlements. Judaism feelings and policy towards their neighbors evolved and changed with the conflict, and Morris explored this problem in depth.

Morris also approached the Arab/Muslim side with sensitivity and even-handedness. He described the competing interests - some who wanted to recognize and accomodate the fact of Jews surviving in the land, some who desired independence, some who wanted to annex the requirement into their own Arab realms (notably Jordan, and a lesser degree Egypt), some who wished let the Jews stay as a minority under Arab/Islamic guideline, and some who wish to free the land completely of most Jews.

I believe that this is actually the best, most even-handed publication I have read on the subject up to now. I highly recommend it!, Morris became famous for being part of Israel's new historians who retold Israel's founding from an undeniable negative perspective. I find this
account of Israel's War of Independence balanced. Morris is now the object of scorn because he seems to have backtracked from his old glamor as one of Israel's Israeli haters. So let Morris do some good now. There are some passages which I question when this individual makes assertions about what Israel's leaders knew or did. Of importance, he shows there was no pre-planned Israeli plan for freeing Israel of all Arabs. There is such a surplus of negative books about Israel that one which puts some spot light on Arab excrescence during the period leading upwards and during the conflict is worthwhile reading., Outstanding book on the subject matter, and required reading for anyone who wants the facts how the mess in the middle eastern got started. I was impressed w/ Morris's command of the facts and his data-- very detailed and important to a real understanding. I give him high marks for impartiality as well. Although the history was told more from the Israeli side, this individual presented the Palestinian and Arab positions thoroughly and honestly., Morris has a reputation for angering both sides in the Israel-Arab dispute. He certainly gives here, enumerating examples of Arab massacres and expulsions/razings of Jewish settlements as well as the much more numerous Israeli ones considering that the attacking Arab armies were so inept. There were plenty of atrocities to go around, war never being pretty and the Arabs having started this war for Jewish survival.

Morris further illuminates the mendacious "peace-seeking" of American and European pols who know well that the continuous belligerence of the Arabs is not a comarcal issue to be fixed by Israeli concessions but a religious one. A holy war against non-Muslims who dare to arranged up a state at the center East. Thus Palestinian president Abbas can't possibly speak (let alone make) serenity unless he's tired of living. There's no future in becoming an apostate in a holy war.

Typically the tale drags slightly now and then as Morris spends time enumerating the names of various Arab and Israeli army units, but just whenever your eyes learn to glaze over, he shifts gears and things get interesting again. Overall, a great read and a valuable history of the war that started it all.

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