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This is an excellent book if you do not know that much about teas. But if you already drink loose green teas this will not have much new information for you. However it is a short book, and the cost was right. We am happy that We read it though it experienced only a little more information than I already thought I knew., We have been buying and drinking tea for many years. Now, after reading this short book, We know how much We didn't know about properly selecting, brewing, and even drinking that tea. This specific book explains subjects such as why the level of tea matters, how different types of teas are produced, why loose tea tastes better and can be more affordable than tea bags, which teas should or should not have added sweetener/milk/lemon juice, and the way to properly make the various types of teas. It addresses black tea, green tea, yellow-colored tea (didn't even know there was such a thing! ), white teas, pu-erh (didn't know about that one either! ), and herbal teas. This specific book is a owner., Thousands of books have been written on teas cultivation and production, the cultural aspects of teas, and even particular products used to prepare and serve it. "19 Classes on Tea" provides a good overview of the the world's most popular beverage, after water, in nineteen easy-to-read chapters.

The basics of tea production, the wide range of teas varieties, and various aspects of brewing and helping tea are covered along with some interesting historical and cultural tea trivia. Even tisanes and the health aspects of teas are discussed.

The publication is compact and the chapters are focused enough so that an catalog isn't really needed but a bibliography and footnotes would be helpful to readers wanting to go beyond the basics and explore any of the many desirable aspects of tea in greater detail.

A backup was provided by the publisher for unbiased review., I am on the brief trip in London and I thought i would find out more about my favorite drink. I like how each lesson gives you something to thing about, innovative ways to explore tasting and preparing teas. I will shop the London tea scenes with knowledge now. Great information and very easy to read. Highly recommend for tea lovers and anyone who wants to find out more about tea., Useful and well written, the book provides a basic knowledge of tea types, rituals, processing, and roots of teas, both organic "real. ", By the time you read this book you will likely already know how to brew tea. I found this book entertaining because it teaches you a little about the history of tea all while detailing each type of teas even herbal teas. Right after reading this short publication you will likely have a new appreciation for tea. We had heard of the majority of the teas but never heard of yellow teas.

I recently tried Pu-erh teas and also loved it so you will encounteer new teas and tea blends to consider. It was interesting to learn that some teas plants produce tea for 40-100 years. This book also explains why you may prefer loose tea and las vegas dui attorney might want to try Jasmine tea with Tupelo honey. I'm convinced.

Although I mostly drink Chai tea I did so find myself getting curious about all the types of teas in this book that I haven't tried. I'd like to try Monster Well green tea as it sounds delicious. Whilst reading it was fun to find out who first added milk to tea and why you need to never reboil normal water when coming up with tea. I can highly recommend this book as it was a great education.

~The Rebecca Evaluation, Before reading 19 Classes... I think myself fairly proficient about the basics of teas. Not to say I'm anywhere near an expert, but I was pleasantly surprised that this publication offered me some more insight than I experienced expected to gain.

Inside that regard, this publication is a very fair starting read for anyone enthusiastic about learning a little more beyond the basics of tea - and I can guarantee all beginner to advanced tea enthusiasts will learn a thing or two from this piece. It supplies a well-rounded kick off point and brief look into the growing, cultivation, processing, selling, and proper preparation into the major categories of tea (green, yellow, white, oolong, pu-ehr, grayscale herbal).

It informs readers on some really pertinent facts about each type and presents brief histories, and some trivia, at the finish of each and every chapter. It covers the basics of producing and steeping methods, accessories, rituals, rarities, and the like. After reading through the entire book, I found myself recognizing popular combines and regional teas while browsing different tea outlets where before I experienced no idea what they meant (for example, nitroglycerine nitroc green tea herb or lapsang souchong).

In which the book falls a little short is in the writing, which is fairly elementary and dull, and its only very quick coverage of other popular tea types like rooibos and yerba maté. The particular plus side is that from the very quick read and well organized, packing a lot of information in a tiny amount of time, so that it is a great reference to carry around while looking for teas to try. The information introduced in 19 Lessons... is fundamentally sound for any person who would like a starting point to greater knowledge., We learned so much about tea that I will never drink a cup again not having thought about its history, the different cultures who have built up around it, and the connection it has brought to the nation's on the planet.
I can now take greater pleasure in the taste of the various teas varieties.
Thanks to this enlightenment.

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