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Following reading Borneman's book on the French and Indian War, which I found in order to be easy to understand, very informative, logical, and never too large on the statistics, We looked up and saved this right away. It is also very very good and I learned so much I didn't know concerning the War of 1812., This is a very readable account of the particular War of 1812 targeted at ordinary readers who want to learn more about it. Borneman is not really a vem som st?r, or at least not an academic historian; this is certainly reflected in his bibliography which is composed mostly of secondary options. So, there is practically nothing new here that provides not been told in other books. But We don't have any problem with that. I got just what I wanted from the book: a quick history (under 300 pages) of the war that has been informative, accurate, well structured, and enjoyable to go through. Some reviewers have belittled Borneman's writing style which usually is very familiar plus conversational; I did not necessarily mind it.

Borneman sensibly split his narrative directly into 3 parts: "Drumbeats", "Bugles", and "Finale". The 1st covers the poker site seizures that guide to the war. The other covers the first portion of the war in which America took the particular offensive, attempting several periods to conquer parts of Canada. The third covers the particular last year of the particular war during which American was on the defensive against an England no lengthier restrained by the Napoleonic War in Europe. This individual does a good work covering both land plus naval engagements. While presently there are some maps, additional or improved ones could have helped since some areas described in the text are not on any maps.

My only real stipulation (which other reviewers have got shared) is that Borneman claims on his final webpage (and his subtitle) that will the War of 1812 made the United States more united and transformed the nature of the particular "United States" from a plural to a singular term. Given the fact (which he acknowledges) that will we still had in order to fight the Civil War, this seems farfetched. Although it could be true that will Americans after the war chose to fondly remember their own victories and forget their own defeats, there was continue to a lot of department between the different locations of the country. It took a lot longer for the particular "United States" to actually become a singular entity., First off the book is easy to learn and understand. Second when i was expecting several sort of bias towards a certain group inside the war, I never found any and Mr. Borneman equally stated both celebrations flaws. Plus the way Mr. Borneman wrote the particular detailed accounts of the particular war was not boring. He did a very good job in following the particular events having a historic personality which a new sense of attachment for the characters plus made the read want to continue reading.

We recommend this book to large school and college students that will has a book report due in their historical past class, or anyone who want to know more about the War of 1812., Interesting take about Jackson, Claiborne and Jean Lafitte in the battle of New Orleans. Very good information on world history throughout this period., I purchased this book a while back and it sat about my shelf. I dropped interest in this subject but needed a book that was an easy go through. Once I began, each and every page drew me in and it turned out to be a very good book - easily readable plus can be read in a few days period. The author gives the particular reader an excellent overview of the causes leading upward to the war, the particular main battle both on land and sea plus the political ongoings during the battle up to the treaty of Ghent. It has been written in a speedy pace, interesting style. So a matter-of-fact book ended up being an excellent book in my opinion. This is a good pick for someone wanting in order to get the "summary" version plus not get bogged lower in dry, cumbersome information. I will say the knowledge increased greatly about this subject and was a pleasure to read., Very enjoyable. The writer did a great job at breaking the war down to fundamentals. The more I read concerning this war, the more I shake me. A war that was poorlu executed. poorly run and sometimes well fought. We are obligated to repay Napolean our freedom regarding without him, Great The uk could have spanked up really hard. It was worth the time reading and additional to what I have got read with other textbooks on 1812., The interpretation from the war and exactly what it intended to bring the particular states into a country was incredible. The battle itself was high drama but more importantly the particular establishment of our Navy blue, and Army were really fascinating. Would recommend this to any history aficionado. Great read and engaging. Typically the Champlain battle and New Orleans were depicted obviously and the outcome for the British was telling., A little tongue-in-cheek but an enjoyable account of the War of 1812. Covering the particular major as well because the minor battles about both sea and land, it provides a quick but thorough account of the entire conflict which include the events prior to the particular war and the consequences. Well worth reading regarding those enthusiastic about early American history.

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