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You know how people sometimes get tattoo designs of phrases from their favorite books? Well I actually want to get the complete text of 180 Mere seconds on my skin. 180 Seconds is the type of book that after you read it, you realize how lackluster every other supposed five-star book you've ever read has been. You think you've read ugly weep books? This book experienced me sobbing for webpages, my body heaving I actually was crying so hard. Jessica Park weaves miracle in between the webpages of everything she produces, but this book, this book made my heart bleed.

" 100 and sixty seconds. We are engaged in a form of intimacy that scares the absolute h*ll out of me. It’s as though there is a weight on my chest that I actually want to shove off, and I’ve never already been this terrified before.
Or this whole and hopeful and linked.
My figure starts to tremble. I want really what I’m experience, and am also want none of them of it. "

Typically the catalyst for the story is similar to a video you could have seen floating around social mass media that featured performance designer Marina Abramovic who seated at a table one minute at a time in complete silence with total strangers. The performance takes an emotional switch when the lover that she hadn't seen for over 20 years shows up across from the woman. In Park's story, Allison is a jaded create kid who had been adopted overdue in life. The storyline starts at the beginning of her 3rd year of school where she proceeds to excel at keeping everyone at a distance. Until she accidentally stumbles on a social test. Esben is known on campus and on social mass media as someone who finds the good in people. His friendly, open attitude is a whole contrast to Allison's closed off characteristics. Walking returning to campus Allison unexpectedly finds herself taking part in one of Esben's experiments - the 2 sit across from the other in total silence while maintaining fixing their gaze for 180 seconds. Looking over this description it might be hard to believe those 180 seconds would have such a profound result on Allison and Esben, but Park's description of how the pair responds to each moment can make you feel like most likely the one sitting in the chair. Following the experiment, Allison and Esben try to figure out what the experience meant to one another. It sounds simple, but their journey is a beautiful push and pull of letting yourself become available to the idea of love as well as the frequent struggle to get the good in people.

" Just say that you love me. You should. Because I am so god**mn in love with you that I can hardly inhale when we’re apart. "

I loved this guide for so many reasons, but one of the mental triggers for me was the ache Allison experienced to be loved. Because someone who was adopted when she was " sixteen and a half" Allison struggles to let anyone in, including the woman father, Simon. The only true friend she gets is Steffi, a fellow create kid who Allison considers a sister. Besides these two people, Allison has convinced herself that the girl with fine without anyone else in her life and that she enjoys being alone as opposed to being bothered by stereotypical school fools. As I was reading I could totally connect with Allison. I'm an introvert and I'd much somewhat stay at home than be invited to a party, or read a book as opposed to a women night. Right? As a military spouse, I move around so much that it's hard to make friends, but that doesn't take the time me. A minimum of I explain to myself which it doesn't. Because I continued on reading there is a crucial moment available when Allison is confronted with the decision to open herself up to making new relationships or continue isolating their self. She sits in the woman bed and weeps at what she has become and truthfully recognizes the girl doesn't desire to be alone. Typically the whole scene is maybe a page and a half, but I felt it to my core. Just how easy is it for us all to lie and have absolutely a sarcastic comment when we see other people having fun as opposed to being honest and acknowledging we crave those same connections. Yes, there are times when I actually would truly rather stay in my pajamas on the couch and binge watch The 100 on Netflix rather than go to a bar. But there have also already been many times when I've been jealous of men and women who seem to make friendships so easily while I stay in a restaurant only. From the testament to the author's writing that the girl can not only make you connect so significantly with the characters but that her words make you reflect on your own life.

" I cannot stop the tears. 'I don’t want to live like this, ' I say out loud over and over through my crying. I cry for who I have been, who I will be, and who I actually could be. "

There are so many things I loved about this book. I possibly could honestly decide on it apart and evaluate it for days. There had not been one moment I did not fall in love with the characters or the writing. 180 Seconds is one of the best books I possess ever read, and its message has resonated deeply. There isn't one person that more than likely benefit from reading this book. It's perfect., Much like her other NA books, Jessica Park writes a beautiful emotional story that stays with you when you finish reading. This specific story is romantic, sad and emotional. Esben seems like he belongs in a fantasy story though because he is simply a little too perfect. I actually do not know, neither have ever known, any boys that are that emotionally mature and sensitive at the age of 20 or 21! Within fact, if you love this book, I recommend her book Flat Out Celeste because they are truly the same story (emotionally damaged lady falls for sensitive perfect guy who " fixes" her). Esben is a pretty much a co2 copy of Justin from that book. This is simply quibbling though as this story is elevated by the interactions among all the figures. Just keep the tissues local because this one is a bit of a heartbreaker in between the nice romance., I totally teared up reading this. And am *never* cry, at the very least not for fictional tales. Such a wonderful book! I actually have not as yet met a Jessica Park novel I actually haven't liked, but this takes the cake. Sturdy yet vulnerable heroine meets the sweetest hero in any book I've read. Seriously. Esben is perfect for Allison. And I love that we get to see her find out that she is perfect for him or her, too. This book is not about him saving her from her issues but somewhat them saving each other, being there for the other in their worst moments, and helping the other change and grow. A fantastic love, and an overall great storyline., I stayed up 3 hours after my bedtime to finish reading this. I tried to post this review 3X but my kindle was acting funny so ideally this won't post 3 times. And there will be a small SPOILER/reference. Our sobbing awoke my husband. I'm a Leukemia survivor and have a best friend named Stephie and I was ugly crying and moping for a long time. I don't think this book started out hooking me in, but I actually realized quickly that I actually absolutely loved this book and the characters and I really want to hug them all. I actually keep wondering what ever happened with Christian though?? Anyway, this book moved very quickly which I actually liked. As well as the characters were easy to fall in love with., It has taken me a few hrs to figure out what to say about this book because it was THAT GOOD! First of all, I am in my fifties and when I in the beginning started reading it, I think it might be a little too " teenage-ish" for me. HOWEVER, I actually was so wrong! Typically the message in this book is the one that still baffles me. It embraces people with distinctions and through different avenues, including social mass media, they try to make a difference. The storyline contains a sweet love story of unexpected love, a friendship beyond all others, a sudden father/daughter relationship and SOOOO much more. Acquire your tissue..., You can always count number on Jessica Park for a refreshing and original read. This is more than a love story. It is a story of relationships, fear, and emotional growth. Allison is closed off emotionally due with her formative years moving from foster home to foster home. She can feel unwanted and undeserving of love. She fights mental battles to accept the woman fairly new adoptive dads love and open their self to new positive mental experiences. Set among a background of social mass media platforms she finds love with social media lover Esben. Heartwarming and uplifting and guaranteed for an ugly cry., Each day we make many selections; discerning: yes or no, go or stay, trust or not. When the wall is built, must we stay hidden or can it be chipped away/leveled?
180 Seconds explores Allison's world as she broadens her narrow view of life. Letting the light of trust into the woman shaded existence is a second by second expose that she was not planning. Esben gives mankind opportunities to share, give, join and forgive. This individual shares theses instances in social media where person to person reaches others in less than another. How much and fast can amazing benefits spread?
I am in awe.

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