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for anybody that is in recuperation, this book is a wonderful tool.
our big book was often difficult for me to comprehend or muddle through after i was young in sobriety.
however there was many instances of realizing that jumped off the pages during those early on hours, days, months without a drink. after i sought only to find some clarity or some small relief from the passion to drink or battled with the raging bittorrent of emotions, feelings, and frustrations coursing through my body and head; i often could remember somewhat from the book i'd heard in a meeting, but often didn't know WHERE those words were located. this companion to our literature may take away the frustration of finding.

now, some years later, there are words which i share with others in recovery and i sometimes don't bear in mind which page (exactly) actually found in the big guide.

enter 164 and more.

in instances i can reference and appear upwards the prayer for rage, the 3 rd step plea, the promises, or one of my favorite phrases 'you may rely absolutely on anything that they say about themselves'... which is in the physician's opinion, but not where i always think it is... it can on page xxii in the fourth edition... i always think it's further along available.

for the newcomer and also the old-timer, this book, like a examine bible, can help you find those essential paragraphs if you can merely remember one or two words from the phrase as you remember it. it is indispensable for those of us which have quick forgetters, and an important tool for quickly finding that part in your big book that you may not have already tabbed, underlined, or memorized.

it can help you trudge the road to happy destiny.
keep it simple., This reference is essential for me at group meetings, when working with sponsee, etc. I admire the ones that can remember " web page numbers". As many times as I've been through the literature, I'm still unable to do that. Now I can!: ), Fabulous resource! What a great way to energize my recovery. I can usually come up with a passage or two about particular word, and about half enough time i can find that passage I actually my own in a reasonable timeframe. But with this concordance i will find 20 passages in a flash! I actually can actually read the quote i was pondering of in the same meeting where it happened to me!

I have recently used this as a resource for planning leads at speaker group meetings, and my Intergroup experienced used it for planning breakout sessions for a retreat., Awesome addition to find passages by words on my tablet., GUI and search interface are demanding and intermixed with the built-in Kindle search - however - the go back information is outstanding. Requirements improvement on the URINARY INCONTINENCE - once that is done - this will be a necessary tool in any Big Book Thumpers toolkit!, Hands down, 5 Star rating! This guide either in printed format or the Kindle version (which I love! ) is indispensable to any serious student of the Big Book of AA and the 12 &! 2! I love the simplicity of the Kindle version on my smart phone for use in group meetings when you or someone else is intending to bear in mind the page quantity of a specific passage, or how many times a specific term is mentioned (for instance, RECOVERED- 34 times in the very first 164!!! ) I actually love the book!, YUP I LOVE STATS, Perfect

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