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Going from his early articles I suppose to this style was a bit of an adjustment. It's very good, it's entertaining and it's very quick and easy (2 days max to read). Very good things to put in to action, but don't look for too much depth to them. Good ideas and a good start or supplement to his other things. Definitely would recommend it, its such a quick read, and has great stuff., In case you are a coach, read this. We'll be implementing the 12 Pillars this spring. I highly recommend this book and anything by Brian Cain., A trip to peak performance, in a most enjoyable read. I read through the complete book in one seated. Thanks, Don't just read it, study it., John Cain weaves his maximum performance user’s guide into an unforeseen encounter at an airport between Matthew Simonds, an apparently very successful consultant who is at a crossroad in his life, and Coach Kenny, a former Olympic athlete and current activity psychologist, who remains at the top of his game, despite his advanced age. Coach Kenny features Matthew Simonds to the 12 Pillars of Maximum Performance at the airport terminal where both men are stuck due to the cancellation of their flight.

The value of the book under review is in its nuggets of wisdom. The short set of nuggets mentioned below is an invitation to choose up this book and put it into practice.

1. You desire a coach and an accountability partner to first master and then get constantly better at the 12 Pillars of Peak Performance for dwelling a life of quality and fulfillment in all areas of life (p. 33).
2. There are two major mindsets: a growth / elite and a fixed mindset. What is yours (p. 56)?
3. With no mission, slogan, vision, and principles (MVP) Process, you get distracted by the noise, the glitz, and the glamor (p. 62).
4. How you choose to spend or commit the 86, 400 mere seconds provided to you every day will dictate almost everything in your life (p. 68).
5. You need to keep records because measurement is motivation (p. 80).
6. You desire a team and you also must commit into the relationships that matter most to you personally or, like muscles unattended to, they will become weak (p. 88).
7. There is no greater gift idea than your presence. This is a 100% commitment to the moment, to the people you are with, to your family, to your clients, to totally being where your feet are (pp. 96-97).
8. Focus on what you can control and let go of what you cannot. That is the formula for success (p. 102).
9. Experience sorry on your own is a worthless emotion. You need to remember that your attitude determines your altitude and the altitude you take is always a decision you make (p. 114).
10. Peak performance is a life-style, not a magic topic. Remember, precisely what is built to last is not built fast (p. 124).
11. The secrets of your success are hidden in the routines of your daily life. Do not be average. Average is the best of the worst and the worst of the greatest (pp. 133-134).
13. Awareness To Win (ATW) is being able to sign in on your emotional and emotional state appropriately to keep yourself in the best state for a peak performance in that moment (p. 138).

In summary, the 13 Pillars of Peak Performance lifestyle is not a sprint, but a never-ending marathon., Great book that you can finish in no time. Recommend if you're serious about becoming better. I plan on implementing the pillars in my classroom in addition , on the field, especially the time management and culture aspects., This is a great read. Excellent information shared in an exceptional way that outlines the 12 pillars. We have read it twice already and am recommend it for all who would like to be a peak performer!, Cain provides a simple, pleasant story to establish a framework for, not only peak performance, but for a well-lived and fullfilling life.

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