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No matter what page I turn to there exists a lesson to be learned for becoming an improved person. Doesn't have to be read in any sort of order; brief quotes for easy mental penetration, remembering and implementing. Suggest for anyone seeking to improve their life. J. Cousins, If you generally enjoy books of quotes on various subject matter that one certainly has some good ones. That being said, there was something dry and dull about the presentation of the book as well, and some of the quotes were rather ho-hum, neither delighting nor inspiring, but instead merely a wisp away from common sense or practical observations. It may be that the phrase " Smartest" in the title was its undoing for me personally. " Smart" is fine, but not always entertaining or provocative.. Perhaps I was hoping for more wit and whimsy, and less pragmatic wisdom. Whatever the case, I found the book unmemorable, even a little of a slog, yet it may just have been the feeling I was in when read it; I do often like a good bit of humor in my quotes, but We didn't find a great deal of this here. It felt more like eating brussels sprouts when i was wishing for some quotable nachos in the mix. To each his own: We passed it on to a family member who seemed to enjoy it all right, as she loves books of quotations., A great read, a lot of motivation from people of all walks of life. I like reading a few of them before I start the day., This has a few quotes per page which seems to be a waste of paper. We have a book called " Zingers" and it is amazing; it lists well over 25 different subject areas that you can look under for little sayings. We was hoping for a similar book with this but there are not enough subject areas with this and it's merely a few quotes per page. In my opinion, for the price tag on this book, it could have been just as good or better than the Zingers book that I have. I thought it would be a nice supplement to this as the Zingers doesn't really have quotes from people necessarily so I wanted this to add some variety to what I use and it performed do that, it's just not easy to find a quote about something specific like it is in my Zingers book. Inside my Zingers, if We want to look upward something that is about wisdom for example, it directs me to the pages on wisdom, which are all together neatly arranged. With this one, it's much harder to find. Maybe it's a good book if you want to sit down and read through it, but it's really not good for material for consultation and that is what I would expect from your book like this., I go through webpages and pages of great quotes from all across the board - authors, philosophers, musicians, public figures, historical figures. These quotes are derived from everywhere, and are a great collection of some true wisdom gleaned from thousands of years of human experience. I kept time for my favorites for motivation whenever it was needed. Much of the same wisdom was repeated by different people from different time intervals and walks of life. This, for me, was an affirmation that there really must be something to it. This book is a booster and a page-turner. I'll continue to return to it when I need affirmation in all aspects of my life., Fun to read. If you like to have quotes, this is good buy. Enjoying it. The quotes are quickly arranged by subjects. Regarding example: Proverbial Wisdom, Existence and Death, etc. In the back is a " select ted quote sources" which is more info about the author of each quote., I am enjoying this compendium of witty, wise and wry quotes. I have even used some with my group remedy group to help them look at life in several ways and wrestle with the meaning of others observations.
Really worth anyone's time!, I first read this book in a good friend's bathroom on Thanksgiving. Being that it was Thanksgiving, I was in for an extended bathroom stay. Texting fake holiday cheer left my phone deceased. I'm a man with a limited attention course and soon my senses found themselves unsatisfied. Determined, I found myself scouring the bathroom looking for anything at all to read. Then it appeared. It sat like a unicorn in the distant sunset.

After a short but terrifying pants around the ankles hobble to retrieve it, I spent about 15 minutes reading this enamoring book. If it weren't for my dumb friends asking if I'd " fallen in" alongside other saying things stupid people with full bladders say, I had created have read it cover to cover on that toilet. Ever since that day I've viewed my friend as a little bit smarter for buying this book.

About a week later, I received into an argument with a friend who drops quotes like they're debate-ending nukes, I ordered this book to give him a taste of his own sad medicine. I purchased this book thinking I had created fully read it however let's be honest, We only read it because I washed up on a lone toilet without having Wilson to talk to. But i remember worry individuals, I found a much better use than reading it.

This is 2017 The united states. It doesn't matter if you're smart. Just appear smart by owning this book. Leave this infant in your bathroom and, BOOM, people will think you're smart! This book actually turned into both the bees knees and the cat's meow. What?! It would've have saved my life if my adolescent fear of dying of boredom hadn't turned out to be an elaborate plot by my parents. This book truly was a Thanksgiving Miracle!

Long tale short: Buy this book. Make people think most likely smart. Pay it forward.

Pro tip: Extra imaginary IQ points for folding a few pages and scribbling doodles inside

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