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This was a great, inspiring read to see how so many people changed their lives in unconventional and unexpected ways. It was also interesting that it described my process of becoming an Airbnb web host in the early days and nights, I was one of the first 25 hosting companies in my city. I wasn't sure if I would get any guests so I waited until I got my first reservation, and then acquired new linens and shower towels to spruce my place up. But that's fairly small potatoes compared to the average success story in the book.

Inside fact, my friends found this book so interesting that one of them took it from me!, Right now there is a useful practical advice and valuable information about why you need not have a dump vehicle full of money, all the latest technology, and a bunch of covered experienced experts coaching you alongside the way. Have something you love to do, then you are probably fairly good at it. This little book tells you what you do not want to do in plain easy to understand language. The author has actually done substantial research over a wide variety of start-up businesses. So this individual tells you things that you will need to do also. You will like this little book, it will encourage anyone who has actually thought about setting up their own business., For anybody considering of starting their own business to escape the job they feel stuck in. This is a truly uplifting read which makes it quite clear that action, actually doing something, is more often than not the key factor in achieving the freedom many are looking for.
Help to make no mistake, freedom has a cost. Starting a business is hard work and there is evidence of that throughout the publication, but the rewards are great and worth the effort in the long run., Practical inspiration for the wantreprenuers out there. I loved how he remained true to his concept of the helping people throughout the book by finding every opportunity to promote someone else's business. (And tastefully) The "One Page business plan" was my biggest take away., I love Inc. journal and have read other small biz books but this is different. The majority of things I have read are out of touch with a truly small biz or micro business. They talk about VC investors, " my team", etc. Most of us are just attempting to get started and have no chance of ever meeting a VC nor the inclination to do so.
The 0 start up is actually the subject suggests. It guides anyone with a tiny little bit of money to start out a business they can make really good money but not necessarily become a millionaire from. There is plenty of actionable advice and stories of successful tiny business owners so we can try and duplicate their steps to success. Bob (the author) is surely an interesting guy this book was written in a way that was simple to follow. Read it in 3 days even with my busy schedule., I am an experienced business women, so starting a brand new business does not be concerned me. I picked this book to help my husband start his first business. I read it first to see if I thought it worth while. To my surprise I learned quite a little bit. And after this we are having a martial start up tournament to see which of our 0. start episodes will be the first to net us income.

We saw Chris communicate on his book trip in Santa Cruz, nice to see having been just like the rest of us, and was dedicated to his vision. Thanks for a well written helpful book.

Only negative is the kindle view, the graphs were unusable in this version. Amazon online are you listening??

By simply the way we are in our mid 50's and I would say we were the average age of the people who attended his talk. New options for those displaced by the recession. Attention boomers.

My husband and I start "retirement businesses", 1st off let me say that Chris is a great guy having just meet him at a publication signing and speaking engagement in Newark, New Jersey on March 14, 2013. What Chris claims in this book is all true and after reading you can't help but want to say "SCREW YOU, BOSS", I'm going to take action that matters to me and that I'm in control of my own life and destiny. For me on December 1st, 2012 I was fired from Ramsey Infiniti for being a "LOUD TALKER", but this was the best thing that ever happened to me, since it gave me the motivation and freedom to pursue my own desire...... which I'd have for the past 5 years to start out my very own online business [... ] "high-end playthings for high-end boys" which will go life by the middle of 04 2013. For anyone contemplating starting their own business,,,, My answer is just do it.... don't think about it.... on the web want to have control of your own life???, Great book full with simple insights about how to start out a microbusiness. From following your passion, finding a way to get paid, creating an offer, telling every person about your product (hustling), charging the right price, promoting your business, to learning about insurance for microbusiness. This is a one stop counseling treatment to start out your business TODAY!

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