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I am kind of a reasonable real-foodie. I still eat some white sugar, and (more than) occasionally celebrate on ice cream or a brownie. I do try to cut away trans-fats, processed carbs, and added sugar when eating at home. I really, really, love these quality recipes and so do my kids! Our favorites are " Creamy mac and peas" and whole wheat biscuits. Seriously, the macintosh and cheese is so easy it takes the same amount of the time because the Kraft boxed stuff, and tastes SO much better.

My eight and 6 year olds pored over this book helping me make menus, and the recipes actually are quick and easy for me to make when I get home from teaching institution and dragging my four (yes, four) kids to a gajillion after-school activities. This cookbook is vital for a busy mommy who wants to cook less highly processed foods.

If you are trying to decide between this and Lisa Leake's original book, I'd take this in a heartbeat. Most of the info in the original book is available on her blog, and this has more recipes, and they are quicker and easier., I have purchased a lot of cookbooks. I have thrown out/donated a good quantity of those cookbooks after finding them less than useful. I have the first 100 days of real food cookbook and quite honestly only use one recipe out of there (homemade granola). I really should take another look at it and give it another try, but it seemed like the quality recipes weren't exactly kid-friendly and quick to make.

Offered my practically non-existent use of her first recipe book, I was on the wall about ordering this recipe book, but I am so glad I did. I actually pre-ordered this, so We have had it since it came out. I'm finally sitting down to write a review. I have made quite a few things from this cookbook, so my review is based on actually using it and attempting it. I find many cookbooks look good until you try actually making recipes.

Just recently only, I've made the bad joes, tangy pasta salad, parmesan crusted chicken, and brussel sprouts. Everything We have made has gotten good reviews from my hubby who really could care less about real vs processed food.

I have young kids, so I desperately need good, quick, cake recipes that they will at least try. This cookbook fits the bill. It's fast, it's real food, no crazy ingredients. I absolutely love that there's a section dedicated to recipes that will work for school lunch. Our twins start kindergarten next year, so I plan to make full use of this section. It is also nice for make ahead lunches when I have activities planned up until lunch.

Especially if you're new to 100 days of real food and trying to decide between her two cookbooks -- GET THIS ONE!, Some good ways to evaluate food while in the supermarket are presented. Typically the information and opinions presented within the pages is well worth the purchase price., I have Mack Leake's first cookbook plus its my go to, so I ended up buying this one, too. I love how her recipes are healthy yet made out of normal ingredients (not hard to find) and her recipes always turn out well to me. I also love the tips she has on a lot of the pages!, Informative and helpful. I actually have not bought a cookbook in a long time. I like this because its simple. I like that it includes specific things she buys at which stores. I want to eat healthy but I actually find reading labels to be tedious so i am OK with paying someone else to do it for me., Seems buying a lot of healthy eating cook textbooks lately. This is by far the best. I love how things are described and outlined in Chapter 1. The book is well thought out and put together! Suggest., Adore, love, love the new book. Not only are the recipes heathy but everyone I've tried is delicious! Recipes are easy to make with no problem finding ingredients and the pictures with each recipe are awesome! Additionally the information in chapter one is very informative on what foods to look for. I actually recommend this book as well as Lisa's first book., I am loving this cookbook! Although, my family has always eaten generally natural food she really taught me read more about highly processed food and reading labeling. Our pantry looks very different than it used too. I love her first cookbook too but I actually think I have already found more 'favorite' recipes In this new one!

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