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Extremely, super glad I chanced upon this e-book! I seldom leave book reviews (I mean, I just read things and move on with my life you know? ) but this one deserves a shout-out 'cos it really addresses the many issues which crop up in modern and/or international relationships. It can direct and easy to learn as well. Basically, I've noticed (among friends and via personal exp) that every time " Oh, wish doing long-distance" is enunciated at the table, the same standard few silent-but-deprecating looks, follow. People shame the person in the LDR, feel bad for them, or even think they're nuts, 'cos they all believe that it's not going to work. Nguyen's account is a real life, honest rebuttal to naysayers. I particularly appreciated the part about how to package with The Parents – because as much as we'd like to say that we don't care what they think about whom we choose to love, it really, REALLY helps when everyone gets along. Therefore, to keep this from getting to be a long winded review, what Now i'm trying to say is: If you want LDR advice, THIS SPECIFIC IS FOR YOU. OR, if you've got a pal (gal or guy) who needs an LDR chat (and you've run out of things to say to them but love them to parts anyway and wanna help out), direct them here and declare coffee is on you when they can't get at least Great piece of advice out there of it! x, The storyplot of this book is raw and real in that it captures a genuine authenticity to the struggles and pleasures young couples in LRD feel. Focusing on nurturing self-love while providing tips to growing your romantic connection connection, this guide beautifully amounts a gentle guidance for how to evaluate and understand your relationship with a clear mind, but also how to soften into a more human and compassionate form of caring despite the distance. I would recommend this guide to any young woman entering into, or currently in a long-distance relationship. The writer provides solid advice for how to move away from doubt and panic, and into stability and trust. Plus, it's a fairly easy read (a real page-turner! ), and the author's personal examples make it relatable and interesting., My wife and I just got married after 5. 5 years of LDR - and we still didn't even reside in the same country. However, those 5 1/2 years were not the same - in the beginning we were making so many mistakes out of concern and closure. And then we learnt, the hard way, how to love with the heart. Milena has put into words so many of the experience there were, it resonates with me. I suppose like anything you can recognize wisdom when you hear it, and to me this book is wisdom. But what makes it awesome is that it goes straight to the very center of matters, it doesn't pretend or leap around the porridge as we say in Norwegian, (beating around the bush), it really tells it as it is. Sometimes those part are the hardest to read, because in those passages I face my own weaknesses, fears and imperfections. But having Milena openly share with experience from her life allows a sort of reflection on my own behavior... I suggest this book, not only for many who are currently in a LDR, but even for many who are just in a relationship and wondering how to make it work and grow together., This book is heartfelt, functional and recounts examples from the author's own life in finding peace, grace, worth and love within oneself, in the process of finding love with this special someone. I actually think it's applicable to anyone and everyone looking for love, not merely those people who are in a Long distance relationship. Gems such as " I believe when something is intended to be, it just flows because it is in sync with nature", and " bear in mind, it is not thoughts that make you who you are, it is your choices. " ---- these words of wisdom frame the complete experience of love with wise advice.

She goes on to offer tangible ways that lovers can align their anticipation, communicate about what's most important, set team goals and more. There are gifts of checklists, tools and other online goodies to support the woman or man who is buying partner that is true, or looking into their hearts to see if they are aligned to what they claim to want-- satisfying, Long term love.

To me, the author offers viewers a Paradigm-shift, a vision in an approach to love that is packed with maturity, long-term passion, strength, practicality and yet playfulness. Plus, personal tone is encouraging and uplifting. I highly recommend it!, I admire the author so much. Her stories are subtle, powerful and beautiful written.

This woman writer motivated me most to pursue the things i love, encourage me — especially when I need that extra press to go.

And also, I can see that this is not easy to publish the book in first-person because your stories needs to be strong enough to touch eveyone's heart. With Milena, with her narration which is addicting, funny (that you neglect you’re reading a book), you merely feel like you are talking to a friend.

The best thing is that, this book encourages women to love with all of their heart, to manage themselves, and to live happily. That's such a beautiful thing!!!!, There is not any one-step answer to a love that lasts and a relationship that works. Milena recognizes that and helps you work on options that are right for you. She unwraps and addresses the countless complex levels of a relationship--not just the aspects that you need to be effective on with your partner but also (and more importantly) what you ought to work one with and within yourself.

Milena's approach is so refreshingly personal that it's as if she actually is reached through the webpages to hold your hand, heart and mind to guide you through the journey of building a healthy relationship--long distance or otherwise

Milena offers advice just as much as she asks you to internalize. She writes to you in a manner that is real and practical just as much since it is soulful and insightful. This book is entertaining and touched with humor and sass just as much as it is honest, empathetic, and thought-provoking.

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