Did You Know What These Phrases Meant?

English language is quite funny and interesting in terms of its expressions and idioms. There are some phrases that we come across in our everyday lives but do not figuratively know what they mean. Many of these phrases, called idioms or metaphors, usually go beyond the logical conclusion of English words used and bring out and entirely different meaning altogether. Many such figurative phrases are used as lyrics of popular songs and spread around the world like wild fire. For example if you listen to the lyrics of the song by Joe Jonas, one often wonders what does cake by the ocean mean? Why would anyone want to eat cake by the ocean, right? But when you go on to search its actual meaning it turns out to be entirely different. Here are some similar phrases that you may come across in your everyday life without knowing their true meaning!

  1. Do a Runner: This means fleeing a particular situation and just run away from that place. For example, assume a situation where you and your friends are out to a restaurant for a treat. Looking at the huge amount on the bill, the person who was supposed to treat all of you flees the place without letting you guys know! Now that’s what doing a runner exactly means! This can be a perfect instance that all of us would have been through and with this example you can understand what does cake by the ocean mean.
  2. All Mouth and No Trousers: This expression is usually used for someone who is all talk and no work! Someone who just boasts big about many things but doesn’t turn up when there is talk about real work being done deserves this phrase! All mouth no trousers means someone who only talks and doesn’t take the required action to prove his talks.
  3. When Pigs Fly: Obviously, pigs cannot fly. So this phrase is usually used when one has to compare something to an impossible task. For example, a friend of yours says that he or she can run about 50Kms in about 10 minutes just like pigs can fly, you know! This is a sarcastic phrase commonly used among buddies to emphasize that whatever one is think is impossible and will not happen!
  4. Cat Got Your Tongue: This phrase says it all! Imagine a cat holding your tongue and you trying to speak! Not happening right? This is usually used in a situation when someone chooses to remain silent when the time comes to speak the truth. The silence is usually quite suspicious wherein you do not want to reveal the reason for your silence! In such a situation, one uses the phrase, cat got your tongue.

These phrases used in everyday life are extremely interesting and funny! One cannot guess the actual meaning of them and usually ends up being surprised when they get to know it. When you try to find what does cake by the ocean mean, you are truly in for a surprise! Go and check more such phrases today!

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